Chief Menawa

As I previously said, I know little about my great great grandfather James Madison Pearson, who in 1841 married Elizabeth Ann Brown and shortly thereafter left the counties of Jasper and Madison in Georgia and came to Tallapoosa County Alabama. Tallapoosa Braves My grandfather, who was named after his grandfather, and my great great grandfather, … More Chief Menawa

William Fletcher Pearson

I am writing this post because my great grandfather, Benjamin Rush Pearson, was the younger brother of William Fletcher Pearson; both graduates of the Virginia Military Institute, the class of 1871, and both doctors. William called himself Fletcher, my great grandfather was Rush, and the youngest brother Charles LaFayette, naturally became Lafayette. And my grandfather, … More William Fletcher Pearson


A place is everything and it is nothing. It is the people who make the place. My grandfather’s name was James Madison Pearson. It is an Englishman’s name that traces its lineage to Manchester, and yet it is French. Pearson and his ancestors were called Piersonne, son of Peter, back whe the English language was … More Graffigny